Our company

Haninge Musik is owned and operated by Basstone Music HB.

Haninge Musik started its business in 2011 with sales of musical instruments and accessories next to the music studio, which was the company's main business before. The store was initially called Musikaffärn Haninge and had a collaboration with Musikaffärn in Södertälje, but then changed its name to Music Byte and after that they were given the name Haninge Musik by the former music store owner and music profile Lasse Olsson.

After a few years of difficult finances, partly due to the pandemic that affected many people in the world, but also increased overheads and reduced sales, the store was finally forced to close down. The owners moved the remaining warehouse and business to new premises in Fagersta, Västmanland, where the business was converted to pure mail order and webshop.

During the spring of 2023, most of the store was sold out, and during the summer of 2023, the new webshop was built up, targeting both private customers and schools/associations.

Our team

Thomas Hultgren, CEO
Inger Hultgren, sales
Jessica Karlsson, economics
Kaj Hultgren, logistics/warehouse

Basstone Music HB
Otivägen 21
737 92 Fagersta

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VAT no: SE9696920207001
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